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Rogue Valley Executive Association members connect, develop, and enhance the region through social, professional, and civic engagement. We continually strive to grow and enhance the RVEA membership. If you are a member, use this handy Member Directory to connect with fellow associates. Particular categories may already be filled by current RVEA memberships. However, depending on the nature of the business category and products/services offered, adding another category will be considered. If you are interested in joining the RVEA, and do not see an area already covered in this directory, visit our About Page for more category listings.


Rays Auto Repair

Automotive Repair

(541) 245-9123


Angela Machado
Angela Machado Bookkeeping, Inc.
Bookkeeping Services


George Lambert
George Lambert Construction
Remodeling, Residential, Light Commercial


Quality  Counter Fitters, LLC
(541) 973-9956


Alex & Annett Siegel
Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids

Heating And Air

Dustin V.
Alpha Heating & Air


Heather Stewart
Charter Spectrum Business
Internet, Voice, TV
541-841- 0005


Larry Thompson
Brown & Brown Northwest
Insurance Services


Robert Galas and Debrah Aust
Father & Son Jewelry
Family Jeweler Since 1958


Becky Clearwater
Park Place Mortgage
Mortgage Lending


Ron Bost
B & B Property Management
Residential Rentals


Ivan Velasquez / Sharon Kepler
Evergreen Roofing, Inc.
Roofing and Repair

Rhinoceros Success Introduction
by Scott Alexander
ISBN: 0937382000

“Somewhere, deep in the jungle where few dare venture, there lives a wild animal called success. It is rare and much sought after, but only a few ever risk tracking it down to capture it. The hunt is long, hard and risky. There are many hardships along the way that will tear at your heart and soul. The jungle brush throw up an almost impenetrable barrier. Bugs constantly bite and bore into your skin. Poisonous snakes, crocodiles and other dangerous animals present very real dangers to your safety. The incessant, burning sun is your constant companion until nightfall; when the temperature drops to near freezing and you long for the burning sun against your already reddened, blistered skin.

At times you feel weak, dizzy from exhaustion. Success seems at times, an imaginary creature, not capable of capture. But you continue on, because you are too deep in the jungle not to head back without your prize.

Months go by, maybe years. Still, not a sign of success. It is a clever animal, rarely exposing itself, always quick to flee should it sense danger of being caught. Success is so uncommon, so unique and so challenging: you must have it! No other animal requires so much skill to hunt and capture.

As rare as the animal is, rare are the men and women who set up their own expedition in search of success. You and I are part of the group who must have success. The rewards are great. We know that. We also know that the hunt is difficult, at best. We know the odds are against us. We know many have failed and few will even attempt the expedition. When we know all this, we know that success is for us!

Success is not easy. It is a truly difficult animal to capture, requiring lots of work, quick thinking, desire and persistence on the part of the hunter. This, then, is your survival guide for your expedition, your rhinoceros manual for your greatest hunt. Use it and you will not only have more success quicker, but you will have the greatest time of your life charing through the jungle. Let’s go! RIGHT NOW is the season for success.”