Rogue Valley Executive Association

Rogue Valley Executive Association (RVEA) is a business networking group comprised of local Medford, OR and Southern Oregon business owners, leaders and professionals. Rogue Valley Executive Association members establish productive relationships with other members in order to network and provide weekly referral exchanges. We learn from each other and build lasting relationships founded on professionalism and trust. Founded in the early 1990’s, the Rogue Valley Executive association continues to support and nurture successful entrepreneurial business relationships in the Rogue Valley.

We meet weekly to help one another’s businesses succeed, A commitment to the success of all RVEA members is key to the purpose of the organization. RVEA members help fellow members succeed and increase their business volumes.

Members are given an opportunity to discuss business affairs and provide information about their products and services at each meeting. There are many opportunities to exchange ideas and information to fellow members. Many qualified referrals come from one-on-one collaboration within the network because RVEA members are motivated to network and exchange business referrals.

Based on the trust and understanding we build with each other, we work together to:

  • Generate business through referrals
  • Improve our ongoing marketing and networking efforts
  • Grow our respective businesses
  • Help one another succeed



Business networking is a valuable method to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about your business. As a member of Rogue Valley Executive Association (RVEA) you’ll become an intrinsic part of an exclusive group that is committed to networking with other Rogue Valley business owners executives and leaders.

Active membership in RVEA broadens your network and helps you to establish productive relationships with other professionals and organizations which can greatly benefit your business.

RVEA Membership is open to practically every type of business category. Classifications are defined and maintained so that each member organization has an exclusive field of representation and expertise. Membership is reserved to one type of business per business category. This means that your membership is exclusive to your particular type of business, profession or industry. Two or more professionals in an identical category would not be permitted, such as two realtors.

To attain membership, a firm must first inquire about category availability, request an application for membership, or be sponsored by a current RVEA member business. New member applications are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors and voted upon by the general membership.

If you are interested in joining RVEA or attending a introductory meeting, click here.


It’s a jungle out there in the business world. We are business people charging through the jungle of the business world. Rhinos charge after their goals. Our goal at the Rogue Valley Executive Association is to help one another benefit from our experiences. There are lots of obstacles in our way that could stop or slow down our journey to success. Opportunities lie before us each day. We meet weekly in order to help each other succeed in business. Both personal and business relationships are grown not only in our business meetings but in social events when we gather together as a crash of rhinos. New members are always being sought.



Robert J. Gervais
1945 – 2015

Roberts “Bob” Gervais came to the Rogue Valley in early 1990. Bob was the owner of ReMax Ideal Brokers. He is remembered as a philanthropist for many needy charities.

As a support group for each other, Bob created the Rogue Valley Executive Association. The exchange of business leads has helped the membership grow to their fullest potential. RVEA is still a part of the community as a business club and continues to nurture successful entrepreneurs.

Thank you, Bob, for your many years of friendship and dedication to the Rogue Valley Executive Association.